Graduation unit

Supervisor Information

Dr. Yousef Rababah Professor at the Department of Languages and Translation
Yousef Rababah

Vision and message

Vision :

Continuous communication with a distinguished graduate who meets the requirements of the local and regional labor market


Message :

Building links and cooperation between the college and its graduates and seeking to exchange knowledge and experience with them through opening channels of communication with them and providing services aimed at raising their competencies and directing them to the labor market and coordinating with their work parties for cooperation aimed at strengthening their membership of the university and society.


1. Keeping graduates in constant contact with the college to strengthen their loyalty and affiliation to the faculty and university.

2. providing graduates with new skills in their fields of specialization in order to develop their scientific and professional skills and help them overcome the problems they may face in their professional practice.

3. serving graduates of postgraduate students in the period of their scientific achievement, both inside and outside the Kingdom.

4. To create a database for graduates .

5. To create a database of specialized scientific centers and prominent scientific names in the various sciences for use in cases of professional and research cooperation and for the purposes of academic arbitration.

6. Studying the possibility of assisting graduates who seek job in a suitable manner and their specialization.

7. Helping employers looking for employees to reach college graduates easily and to choose the appropriate graduate.

8. Contribute to the promotion of awareness and the culture of continuing education by issuing specialized bulletins and periodicals and providing opportunities to hold scientific meetings and invite specialists and interested parties to participate in the submission of scientific papers and invite interested graduates to attend the establishment of an alumni day on an annual basis.

9. to be attended by all graduates of the faculty in order to connect the graduate with his fellow graduate.

10. To identify the job performance and professional problems of graduates through their employment agencies and to benefit from them in the proper planning of the programs of the college.

11. Issuing a bi-annual or semi-annual journal or magazine called "Alumni Journal" containing news of interest to graduates such as opening appointments for jobs, scholarships or other opportunities.

12. paring studies on the required specialties, saturated and stagnant in the local and regional labor market.