Student Affairs Unit

Supervisor Information

Dr. ِAdel Sannoufi Supervisor of Student Affairs Unit

Vision and message

Vision :

Students Affairs Unit offers insensitive distinguished activities and services for students, as well as guidance the students for the best and finest.


Message :

Students Affairs Unit ,Offers guidance ,students services, cultural, social, sports distinguished activities, in order to co-operate in finding the educational environment that able to graduate cadres with high skills compete locally and internationally.


1. Students Affairs Unit, aims to : develop students talents, and raise their abilities level for distinguished scientific attaining and activities participating through offering distinguished educational environment that assisting the students.

2. Building balanced personality for the students that keep its national identity, rootlessness and invariants, and committed with Islamic religious roots.

3. Enhancing the culture of : participation, interlocution, education, debating and creativity.

4. Encourage the students for group work and participating in planning and implementing different activities and services of the students.

5. Participating in care of distinguish superior students and especial needs Students also society service as well as presenting psychological , educational , social assisting and guidance of the students.

6. Developing and building up tertiary discipline spirit and debited with Mores and systems.