Measurement and Evaluation Unit

Supervisor Information

Dr. Makram Ahmed Noely Supervisor of Measurement and Evaluation Unit


Higher education institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seek to develop the measurement and evaluation unit wether at the level of students' assessment or evaluation of courses and the academic programs, and the evaluation of university performance in general. It was noticed that there are many opportunities to develop the courses and academic programs at university of Tabuk including its administrations and its different collages .This requires the Whole development of the staff members ,focusing on teaching skills and evaluation .The University seeks to achieve the slogan of" a distinguished staff members for a distinguished graduate" .

Vision and Message

Vision :

Unit of Measurement and evaluation, seeks to be a model in its inputs and procedures to achieve a distinguished and quality performance in its output, in the framework of tasks and roles under academic assessment, for the students in teaching plans, and related university programs, so as to conform with the university vision which stand on the excellence.


Message :

Activation of the role of measurement and evaluation which stand on the explanation of vision and the development of practices, which focuses on definitions of this roles. According to systematic values which achieve the process of measurement and development in general, and academic university in particular so as to fulfill the improvement and development required, and to take decisions which focus on trusted quality and quantity data.


1. Spread of scientific measurements and evaluation culture in University.

2. Building and developing of measurement and evaluation different tools to verify the quality of educational environment.

3. provide support to university units and its different branches as regards measurement and evaluation process.

4. Using of modern technology in measurement and evaluation process.

5. Benefit from local and global experiences and invest them so as to serve measurement and evaluation process.

6. Classification of educational process to explore its mechanical problems and obstacles which may face it in the future.

7. To assign the performance levels of all educational process elements.

Members of Measurement and Evaluation Unit - Male section

# Name Membership
1 Dr. Makram Ahmed Noely Supervisor of Measurement and Evaluation Unit
2 Dr. Tarek Kunduz member
3 Dr. Firas Mohammed Al - Mutarneh member
4 Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Ramadan Rapporteur
5 Dr. Zakaria Salem Suleiman member
6 Omar Al Natour member

Members of Measurement and Evaluation Unit - Female section

# Name Membership
1 Ala Aljajiri Assistant Supervisor of Measurement and Evaluation Unit
2 Dr. Hanadi Akram Salhab member
3 Dr. Suheir Ahmed Abdel Wahab member
4 Rokaya Sulaiman Al - Huwaiti member
5 Nada Abdel Latif Mohamed Ahmed member
6 Fatine Samih Abu Al - Zahab Rapporteur
7 Hala Atef Akaily member
8 Maha Mirghani Hassan member
9 Ghada Mohammed Hamza Al - Badawi member
10 Zohor Jamil Qandil member
11 Wejd Mohammed Al Ali member
12 Jawahar Abdullah Al-Adaisani member