Graduation unit

Supervisor Information

Dr. Tahani Alrefaee Assistant Professor at the Department of Education

Vision and Mission

Vision :

    The vision of the unit is to try to benefit from the graduates of the college to identify many of the information through which can improve the quality of the educational process within the college in line with the changes faced by the graduate. And guiding the graduates from the college towards practical solutions to the problems they face



     Communicate with graduates and beneficiaries of employers to support and develop academic programs in accordance with the vision and mission of the university




  • Enhance the graduates' affiliation to the university and college closer relations and links between graduates
  • Employing graduates' experiences and capabilities to serve the community
  • Develop the skills and knowledge of university graduates
  • To provide graduates with the latest in their fields of specialization in order to develop their scientific and professional skills, and to help them overcome the problems that may face them during their professional practice
  • To stand on the most important obstacles facing the graduates   of the college after graduation and joining the labor market
  • Obtaining feedback from the graduates on the new developments, which is considered a fundamental pillar for the development of the different educational systems in the faculty.
  • Directing the graduates to the means and ways that enable them to develop their professional competence
  • Holding some electronic meetings and seminars by hosting some experts in different fields
  • Announcing all the activities of the college and the university such as seminars, training courses and programs held at the university and graduates can benefit from them
  • Organizing some electronic training courses by faculty members for graduates to upgrade their level
  • To serve postgraduate students in their academic achievement both inside and outside the Kingdom
  • Create a database of graduates
  • Establishing a database of specialized scientific centers and prominent scientific names in different sciences to benefit from them in cases of professional and research cooperation and for the purposes of academic arbitration.
  • Studying the possibility of assisting graduates looking for work in a way that suits their specializations
  • Help employers looking for employees to reach the college graduates easily and choose the right graduate

Successful Interview

07. 11. 2019

The University College of Duba has set up course entitled " passing Interview and making professionalCV" under the supervision of Graduation Unit , presented by Dr. Omar Mustafa. On 9th of Nov,2019