Supervisor Information

Dr. Farg Mohammed Altalbawy Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry


Academic guidance is a professional service aimed at identifying the problems that impede the student's ability to attain academic achievement and to cope with the requirements of university life, and provide assistance and support by defining and educating students about their academic responsibilities and urging them to exert a lot of effort in solving academic and personal problems that hinder their achievement.

This is done by providing students with the various academic skills that increase their academic achievement and achieve their scientific aspirations.

Vision and message

Vision :

The Academic Guidance Unit in the College is a unique and pioneering unit at the university level in the provision of extension services for students and their management and development.


Message :

To provide integrated academic counseling services to the students in order to graduate students who are able to adapt academically, socially, psychologically, culturally, socially and religiously to become good members to serve their Islamic Nation.

Common used terms:

Term the definition
the definition-Academic year It consists of two semesters (the first semester - the second semester) and is added to a third semester in which all students do not commit to registration and called the summer semester
University ID A university number indicating the academic year and the semester in which the student began the study, in addition to the student's serial number in that year
Semester Is an estimated period of 16 weeks including study hours and exams
study plan All courses taught by the student to enable him to obtain a degree in a particular discipline
Course A curriculum that defines the objectives and content of a topic for a whole semester and is distinguished by name, code and number
The academic record Is a statement showing the courses that the student has studied in the sequence of classes and the estimates he has made, as shown in the cumulative and quarterly average for each semester
University requirements A set of study materials approved by the university for all its students.
College Requirements The collection of materials taught by all students in the college in all their specialties, in order to provide a basic base of information for them.
Specialty Requirements Is a collection of subjects that belong to one field of science and human knowledge and unique to study by students of specialization in the faculty.
Coaching Card Is a statement of the courses required of the students studied and not yet completed and can be registered
Academic advisor Is a faculty member chosen by the academic department in the college to guide the student in the process of registration and delete and add to each semester and follow his career since entering the university until graduation.
Delete and Add They are deleted, added, changed, or scheduled for the first week of the semester
Semester average Is the average score of the courses that the student studied success and duration in the semester, where the grades of each course in the number of credit hours and then collect the multiplication batches and divided on the total hours recorded by the student in the semester
Cumulative average Is the rate of marks of the courses that the student studied successfully and went through until the last semester he completed his studies. It is calculated as follows: Combining the courses of the courses that the student studied in all the classes and then divided by the total number of credit hours for the classes he studied.
School delays Is the low scores obtained by the student in the substantive tests of the subjects for 50% of the full grade, whether in the quarterly tests or the work of the month.
Stumbling student Is a student who stumbled in some courses in the form of a teacher and his average is less than 3 for consecutive academic students.
The gifted and distinguished student Is a student who excels in a field of study or social or has a special talent can be sponsored
talent It is a continuous show of excellence in performance in any area of value or excellence in one or more special abilities.
Office hours Which are the hours during which the student continues with the faculty member in a specific time schedule
Supporting education programs Are small groups of students who are assigned specific subjects to study on a weekly schedule and such programs are based on the orientation sessions.
Case Study It is conducted through the holding of counseling sessions with the student and the students are determined according to the results of the periodic tests and through which to identify the obstacles that prevent the student's superiority and the reasons for the delay of the school and determine the best programs appropriate to his condition with continued follow-up to ensure that the situation exceeded in subsequent tests.
Progress in student overall performance The results of the end of the semester and a significant change in the overall performance of the student, which confirms the effectiveness of the extension program.

M-The Academic Extension Unit provided a range of valuable activities for students, as well as other academic and other faculty members summarized in the following table:

Organized by Event Name
Academic Extension Unit Introductory meeting for new students this year (Annex 1)
Academic Extension Unit Meeting with academic advisors to distribute the extension plan, explaining the attached and updated forms in the academic guidebook, and providing the mentors with the forms of their work.
Academic Extension Unit A workshop entitled "Academic Guidance Workshop - Academic Advisor's Tasks - Academic Distinguished Instructor" was held. The workshop targeted academic instructors and other faculty members. The importance of academic guidance, (Annex 2)
Academic Extension Unit Holding a workshop entitled (What guidance and guidance meeting with students to familiarize them with the importance of academic guidance and the negative effects of the absence of a university student and the method of calculating the rate + a folded distribution of academic guidance