Administrative Director Talk





Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his Family and Companions.

I am pleased to welcome you in my name and on the behalf of the faculty members at the University College in Duba by sharing these simple words with a deep meaning, today, we are an educational environment, therefore, we consider education as the most important element that have a fundamental role in the formation of the personality of the individual and thus will show that impact on society and the development of the environment in terms of intellectual and cognitive. Now the educational stage has an effective role to raise awareness that contributes to the vision of the kingdom and achieve it, When an individual has sufficient awareness, then he will be able to become a good supporter of this society,   Now we all try to stimulate the educational environment that has an active role in society to become a stimulating environment for creativity and excellence by raising the efficiency of scientific performance through the great renaissance and the greatest attention of our government and our kingdom. It is our duty to be the supporters of this development, which our government seeks to ensure progress and advancement and get the best out of science and education, today our job is to support these future generations that contribute in building and supporting this country. 

We ask Allah to help us achieve the ambitions of the individual and society in this country and its loyal citizens to prosper in the field of science and education, with my sincere wishes to our university for progress and prosperity and our students to success and the dear homeland security, safety, highness and prosperity.