Functions of Technical Affairs and Services Unit

1. Ensure the readiness of the Proctor to work and raise the management of the college maintenance reports if necessary after coordination with the college's agent.

2. Operating the smart blackboards and making sure they are ready to work and raise the management of the college with maintenance reports if required to do so after coordination with the faculty of the college.

3. Receiving and handing over the educational covenant to the faculty members and preparing the educational receipt files from the warehouse.

4. Communicate with IT technicians in the preparation of computers in the departments and units of the university college.

5. Periodic monitoring of computers in the college premises and reporting thereon.

6. Defining the damaged educational and computer equipment and submitting a report in its case to assist the director of the administration.

7. To limit the period of the members of the supporting educational services and report accordingly.

8. Determine the need of members and employees of computers and its annexes and report accordingly.

9. Inventory the requirement of stationery and fill out the forms of the request and raise them.

10. Establish the annual plan for the work of services and its implementation after its adoption according to the mechanism.

11. Do all necessary work to ensure the readiness of classrooms and laboratories of tools and requirements and cleanliness and maintenance and that before the beginning of the semester and the testing period in sufficient time.

12. Follow-up cleaning works for classrooms, toilets, laboratories, internal and external courtyards throughout the academic year according to accurate and approved programs.

13. Transfer of materials and office supplies to departments and administrative units according to approved models and mechanisms

14. Prepare the periodic reports on the service works and include them for development proposals according to the approved mechanism.

15. Preparing and preparing the halls needed for the implementation of the courses and training workshops.

16. Prepare and save files for the unit and organize them in such a way as to ensure their preservation and retrieval easily and easily.

17. Writing paper and electronic reports and submitting them to the Assistant Director.

18. To carry out all tasks assigned to it by the College's Vice Dean and the Department's supervisor.