Word of His Excellency, the Dean of the College
     Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the noblest of the Prophets and Messengers, our Master Mohammed, and all his family people and companions.

To proceed:

      It is my gaiety and pleasure to welcome the faculty members of the teaching staff of the University of Tabuk Campus in Tayma who have an effective and fruitful role in the course of the progress and development of the branch at all levels. Furthermore, the University Campus in Tayma is always working towards preparing its male and female students to be at a high level of quality performance to work efficiently and effectively. Moreover, it works on creating bridges of communication between the branch and all those who are interested in knowledge and learning. Besides, the campus works on promoting  and developing the skills and abilities of all its faculty members so as to get to the highest standards of academic quality and scientific research with sponsorship and support through the University of Tabuk administration. In addition, it is keen on picking out the educational cadres with highly expertise and providing them with all the necessities that assist them in the course of the educational process. In the same vein, the University of Tabuk has adopted academic programs that are directly related to the labor market and the need of the homeland, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for specialized cadres in the fields of humanities, social sciences and scientific sciences, which are involved in the departments of Tayma Campus. All this in order to root the national principles of thought and knowledge and to proceed the route of progress and advancement for the service of the local community in the light of the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030.
    Finally, thanks to Allah, the Almighty, for making me and you among those who are engaged in science and striving to get hold of the public interest and service of the community in our beloved Kingdom.

Dr. Awaad Bin Baik Al-Shammary

Dean of the College

About the College

The University College of Taima Governorate was established in 2009 to provide opportunities to study in the province and nearby areas, and to avoid the dangers of road and distance from parents. At this time, they are contributing to it. The college has four departments:


1. Department of Islamic Studies.

2. Department of Languages ??and Translation.

3. Department of Mathematics.

4. Department of Biology.

5. Department of Management.

6. Computer Department.



سكرتير العميد 0144565628

الاتصالات الإدارية : 0144565662

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Last Activies

اجتمع سعادة وكيل الجامعة للفرع الأستاذ الدكتور عبدالقادر الحميري صباح اليوم الثلاثاء 9/2/1441هـ 8/10/2109م مع سعادة عميد الكلية الجامعية بتيماء الدكتور عواد الشمري و وكلاء الكلية و رؤساء و مشرفي الأقسام لمناقشة الاعتماد الأكاديمي المؤسسي و كيفية تحقيق تلك المعايير من خلال ورش العمل و تشكيل فريق قيادي يتولى الإشراف على تحقيق متطلبات معايير الاعتماد المؤسسي، إضافة لتخصيص فريق يقوم بعد حصر جميع المقترحات بشأن

Last Circulars

بدء الاختبارات النهائية للفصل الصيفي لطلاب الانتظام لعام 1438 /1439 هـ 2018يوم الاحد 1 ذو الحجة 1439هـ - 2 اغسطس

The University College of Taymaa organizes a workshop entitled "Institutional Academic Accreditation"


The University College of Taymaa organizes a workshop entitled "Institutional Academic Accreditation" Within the programs that are held in the University College of Taymaa to achieve the requirements of institutional academic accreditation, a workshop was held in the college on Tuesday 8/10/209 that is entitled "The requirements of institutional academic accreditation". The workshop was opened by a speech for his excellency

حفل استقبال الطلاب الجدد بالكلية الجامعية بتيماء


حفل استقبال الطلاب الجدد بالكلية الجامعية بتيماء بحضور سعادة عميد الكلية الجامعية بتيماء وسعادة وكيل الكلية وسعادة وكيل الكلية للجودة والتطوير وأعضاء هيئة التدريس بالكلية استقبلت الكلية الطلاب الجدد بمسرح الكلية الساعة العاشرة صباحاً، وبدأ الحفل بكلمة سعادة عميد الكلية الدكتور/ عواد الشمري، وقد رحب بالطلاب الجدد، وهنأهم بالعام الدراسي الجديد



Academic calendar for students of regularity for the first semester and the second semester 1441 e