• Internist Internal Medicine King Fahad specialist hospital Tabuk (current title) since Feb 2018 till to date

    Assistant Professor Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine University of Tabuk(current title) since 2013 till to date

    Internist King Salman Armed forces Hospital , Tabuk from 2004- 2010

    Medical officer Internal Medicine Fatima memorial Hospital College of Medicine and dentistry, Lahore Pakistan from 2002-2003

    Medical officer Internal Medicine Fatima memorial Hospital College of Medicine and dentistry, Lahore Pakistan from 1999-2001

    Internship in Internal Medicine Sir Ganga Ram hospital Lahore Pakistan from 1999


  • 1- Committee of research

    2- Committee of Internship of students

    3-Committee of college website

    4-Committee of Faculty members and staff in UT

  • Appreciation award for service in King Salman armed forces hospital Tabuk KSA
  • Autoimmune disease 2018 KFSH tabuk

    Annual symposium for narcotics and technology 2018 KKCH tabuk

    Familial and hereditary cancer syndromes 2018 KFSH Tabuk

    Amputation prevention workshop 2018 KFSH tabuk

MED0601Sixth year 

This module of Internal Medicine is for  final year male and female batch in 6th year of college. In this MedicineM and subspecialities are taught for 3 months in form of interactive classrooms flipped class, TBL, seminars, tutorials ,SDL, and conventional classes. There are hospital teaching sessions on real patients in 2 city tertiary care hospitals; KSAFH (military hosp Tabuk ) and King Fahad specialist hospital Tabuk. The students rotate in different subspecialities of Medicine, wards, CCU, ICU, Renal and oncology dept etcThere are also on campus clinical skill labs in which clinical skills are taught on maniquins. The mosule's first term end is marked by a midterm written and OSPE exam and a mock clinical assessment exam in hospital. Before the final exam there are 3 quizzes and an ORAl exam which signifies the continous assessment. The final exam is Written, OSPE and a clinical long case and short case exam in the above mentioned hospitals. 

Lectures that I take are Hypertension, Myeloproliferative ds, Ds of bleeding and thrombosis, a final quiz , SDL flipped class , a tutorial and Ds oif peri/myo/endocardium. I also teach students in my clinic and I supervise the students in some days for their morning externship starting very early from the morning report


MED0401Fourth year 

This module is a 3 month integrated program (Jan-March for males and female students) in which basic clinical skills with history taking and examination skills is taught. There are on campus skill lab sessions, seminars, tutorials, conventional classess and in-hopital clinical sessions. In first term end a written and OSPE exam is held and at the end a final written OSPE and OSCE is held. The students are assessed continuously by maintaining a logbook of cases and procedures

MED0301Third year

This is a month module for 3rd year females and males. This is CVS module where I teach Medicine of CVS modules like chest pain differential diagnosis, MI and investigations for heart disease in form of conventional classes


This is a week long module for 5th yr studentsd where 4 main tutorials are taken . The students present patient safety related tutorial on hospital safety and sterlization techniques


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