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Text Books

·  Thomas A. Sudkamp (2006). An Introduction to the Theory of Computer Science Languages and Machines. Third Edition, Addison Wesley.


·  Daniel I. A. Cohen (1997).  Introduction to Computer Theory. Prentice-Hall, Second Edition.

·  J. E. Hopcroft., R. Motwani, and J. D. Ullman (2007). Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation, 3rd Edition, Addison Wesley.

·  M. Sipser (2003).  Introduction to the Theory of Computation, Prentice Hall, Edition 2.


CSC-220 Data Structures and Algorithms

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the theory of formal languages and computation. The course is aiming to determine the language represented by a language description, regular expression and different types of machines. Topics include languages, regular expressions, finite automata, Transition Graphs, Kleen's theorem, regular languages, decidability, context-free grammars, pushdown automata, parsing and Turing machines.