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Course Details
Computer Organisation and  Assembly Language (CSC-210)
Text Books 
  • Computer Organization and Architecture: Designing for Performance, 8/e , William Stallings; 2010; Prentice Hall; 792 pp; ISBN-10: 0136073735 | ISBN-13: 9780136073734 
  • Principles of Computer Organization and Assembly Language, 1/e Juola; 2007; Prentice Hall; 439 pp; ISBN-10: 0131486837 | ISBN-13: 9780131486836 
  • Structured Computer Organisation, 5/e Andrew Tanenbaum ; 2006 ; Prentice Hall; 800 pp; ISBN-10: 0131485210 | ISBN-13: 9780131485211 
 Prerequisite: CSC-101, CSC-110 
Course Description 
The course provides a comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of computer organisation and Assembly language programming. Students are introduced to data representation, microprocessor functionality, memory organisation, external storage, bus architecture, and input/output devices. Furthermore, the students learn nature of assembly language and how to write an assembly program. They will develop a simple application in assembly on different computational platforms.

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