• 2006

    • Applied Linguistics ( Translation) 2010 University of Gezirah – Sudan

    University of Gezirah

  • 2000

    • Masters in Translation 200 University of Khartoum – Sudan

    University of Khartoum

  • 1992
    New Delhi

    • Bachelor of Arts in English literature, -1992 - Milia University – New Delhi

    Milia University

  • 1994

    • Post Graduate Diploma , in Translation 1994 – University of Khartoum- Sudan

    University of Khartoum

  • Areas of teaching

    1. Modern British fiction
    2. English  literature
    3. Translation Studies
    4. Introduction to American  literature
    5. Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century British poetry
    6. Medieval and Renaissance  drama
    7. Metaphysical and Romantic  poetry
    8. Literary Criticism
    9. Pragmatics
    10. Applied Linguistics
    11. Vocabulary building
    12. Phonetics and Phonology
    13. Translation  (legal, political, medical ,literary …….)   
    1. Workshop, Research Data ,using SPSS program.

    2.       Electronic training course entitled Design of Electronic Questionnaires.

    3.        Electronic training course entitled Documentation of Research and Scientific Proposals, Refworks program.

    4.        The electronic training course entitled Modern Trends in Accessing Information Sources on the Internet.

    5.       Electronic training course entitled, Data Coding Skills.

    6.       Electronic training course entitled Scientific Research Methods.

    7.       Workshop, Preparation of the Bank of the course Questions and the Production of Test Models using the software Kai Pro Milestone - Level I.

    8.       Workshop, on the use of Moodle system.

    9.       Workshop on Measuring Learning Outcomes.

    10.    workshop ,Quality Assurance and Program Evaluation

    11.    Training course in Simultaneous Interpretation -Friendship Hall Khartoum.

    12.    Workshop on computer introduction  operation and Windows.

    13.    Workshop on using Computer as a  Teaching Aid.

    14.    Participated in the conference of Glorification  and  Glorifier  as  a training translator

    15.    Attended a course in Quality Control of Education 

    16.    Attended a six monthly diploma course in French language .

    17.    Training program  in preparing press reports .

    18.    A course in Using Multimedia Labs of English Language .

    19.    A course in Instructional Technology .

    20.    A course in Applications of SPSS Program.             

    1. Exploring the Role of Translation in Promoting Cultural Heritage and Tourism in Tabuk, Kingdom Saudi Arabia(2019)
    2. Awakening Ecocritical consiousness through Translations(2013)
    3. Quality control of Literary Translation for having Grants(2016)

    Saudia Arabia , Tabuk

  • ENGL. 210
  • ENGL410

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