Strategic Plan

SNCS Research Center has a practical strategic plan that guides its growth and manages its resources to achieve its goals in the most efficient way. The goals of the Center are:

Goal 1: Develop the Center

Set up an administrative structure that oversees the main functions of the Center

Acquire the physical and technical infrastructures that are conducive for productive work

Assemble Research teams of highly qualified scholars

Undertake timely projects with emphasis on quality and utility

Goal-2 Increase local and international awareness about the Center

Produce high quality publications, products, and patents

Sponsor international conferences

Goal-3: Engage in technology transfer


Develop innovative and creative ways in designing and building future sensor and cellular networks

Create new new applications for sensor and cellular networks

Build a national database for research and development on sensor and cellular networks

Collaborate in studies of the impact of sensor and cellular services on Saudi society

Goal-4: Develop Local Talent in the Area of Sensor and Cellular Networks

Offer studies, training, and awareness raising programs as well as consulting services

Organize conferences, workshops and symposia

Goal-5: Become a Center of Excellence

Achieve Goals 1 through 4

Adhere to the requirement of MOHE and UT

Strategic Plan