Director's Statement


SNCS pursues innovative research and development on sensor networks and cellular systems and their applications in areas that directly benefit the Saudi society. As members of SNCS, this pursuit is both our aim and priority. We are passionate about creating and harnessing the technological advances that contribute to enhancing the quality of life, resource sustainability, and economic prosperity consistently with the Saudi Vision 2030. We collaborate with eminent researchers from around the globe to forge lasting mutual benefits that far exceed individual contributions. SNCS home page is just the starting point, contact us to provide you access to our wiki.

el-Hadi M. Aggoune, Ph.D., PE
Professor and Director of SNCS
University of Tabuk
P.O.Box 741
Tabuk 71491, KSA
Tel  +966 4 4248379 ext. 159
Fax +966 4 4223064

The Director serves as the Recorder for the Board of Directors and carries out its decisions. He represents the center and heads its exectuve and administrative units.