Manager Message

The administration of Public Relations at the University of Tabuk is responsible for all communications and media functions that aim at keeping contact with audience from inside and outside the university. It also provides information that helps people form the right impression about the university, build good relations with them, have their support  and keep them informed of all the programs and activities.

Because we believe in the importance of organized work, we have prepared an organizational structure to facilitate our ability to deliver in order to live up to the positive image associated with Tabuk University through performing a series of tasks a lot of which are related with people outside the university. We use different types of media to discuss different university issues and activities. Some of these media are the University paper and its online version. The administration of public relations has recently made a series of publications such as the University Book (in Arabic and English) that contains information about the birth of the university, its vision, mission, objectives, deanships, faculties and departments. This book provides the required knowledge about the university, its programs and its different fields.

Another accomplishment for the public relations administration is the media strategy of the university which can be considered as a new start for its performance in the future on the basis of working in its different departments. It has clear work strategies and factor indicators and evaluation tools according to the university mission; it also responds to everything published about the university in the media. This is the beginning of a new stage in the outstanding performance according to specific priorities in order to reach the required level of satisfaction in terms of competence and performance.