About the Vice-Deanship

The Vice-Deanship for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research has the responsibility for preparing and developing excellent and competent graduate studies programs in consultation with the Heads of the different departments in the college.The vice-deanship also aims to create a motivating research environment for both staff members and students and encourage them to enroll in research-related activities. It also provides necessary facilities, and learning resources and infrastructure that allow researchers to conduct high quality research. In compliance with the announced plans of both the collage and the university, the vice-deanship also organizes and liaises both scholarships and internships for staff members and for those Teaching Assistants willing to continue pursuing their M.Sc. and Ph.D. studies. The vice-deanship also controls admission to its postgraduate programs and for changes to registration arrangements. It also establishes policies, regulations and procedures for periodic review of its programs and monitors overall performance and progression. The vice-deanship also Organizes and Liaises participation of staff members in international conferences and workshops. In addition, it Oversees the departmental processes for progression of staff members promotions in compliance to relevant policies and regulations stated by the scientific council of the university.