Unit Achievements

      The decision of the Supreme Committee for Administrative Reform No. 190 dated 18/11/1439 AH, which determines

       the functions of the follow-up units in the organs As detailed in the resolution as follows:


1. To carry out the necessary control and investigation procedures in the various departments of the Authority and the

     associated units to ensure the safety of work and rationalize performance.


2. To carry out follow-up campaigns (inspection) of the different units of the unit and associated units to identify the

     shortcomings, and detect cases of breach To perform the duties of the job, or lax in the completion of the work, and

      then work to correct the tracks and the evaluation of warp, in cooperation and coordination With stakeholders.

3 - Monitor the work progress in the device and its affiliated units to ensure that it conforms to the approved regulations,  procedures and procedures.


4 - Examination of complaints referred to it in accordance with the powers on administrative irregularities and other irregularities.

5. To carry out preliminary investigations or to participate in the investigations revealed by the censor, as referred to it by the

     head of the agency, or received complaints from the public after proven seriousness.

6 - Monitor the regularity of the staff of the university and its affiliates.

7 - Communicate with the Supervisory and Investigation Commission in all matters related to the work of the Authority related to

      the Authority, in accordance with the powers delegated.

8 - Work on the development and strengthening of the concept of self-control among staff of the device.

9 - Organizing and keeping files and information for follow-up work in the device in a manner that helps to extract them easily

       and easily.

10. To submit any proposals that would facilitate and improve the functioning of the administrative body of the University.