Graduate Studies

وكالة الكلية للدراسات العليا



  - Dean of Faculty of Shari'a and Law Chairman.


  - Vice Dean for Graduate Studies


  - Vice Dean for Academic Affairs


  - Head of Sharia Department


  - Head of Law Department


  - Prof. Ismail Hanafi


  - Prof. Hammadi Raed


  - Dr. Haten Mohammadi


  - Dr. Mohamed Eid


  - Dr. Mohammed Al-Thaqafi






  - Proposing new programs after studying them (Masters) in Sharia and regulations.


  - Proposing the foundations for admission to postgraduate studies, implementation, and supervision.


  - Proposing postgraduate courses, and what happens, or programs to modify or change.


  - Develop the descriptions of the prescribed materials, their symbols and their previous requirements.


Studying the periodic reports submitted by the scientific departments in the college.


  - Consider what the College or Dean's Council refers to the study and to give an opinion.


  - Review the availability of sufficient number of faculty members (from the participating professors and professors) to cover the programs of graduate studies, and raise the appropriate proposals to the Dean of the College.


  - Studying the stability of faculty members in the last five years as a condition for the development of the Master's program.


  - Provide CV for faculty members in each department as a condition for the development of the master's program.


  - The committee shall set the objectives of the programs and the extent to which the Saudi society needs them.


  - Studying the importance of the programs and the justification for their submission, while comparing them with the programs taught in the corresponding universities inside and outside the Kingdom in the field of specialization.


  - Nomination of supervisors and discussion committees for research of graduate students.


Recommending the passing of test results to the College Council.


  - What works are found during implementation.