Quality and development


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The College's Agency for Development and Quality seeks to ensure that quality is a culture practiced by all and is based on strategic plans, administrative decisions and daily activities in the college. This is reflected in improving the educational environment and its outputs and thus obtaining academic accreditation. In order to ensure this, the university has set up a development and quality agency within the structure of the administrative college to operate and supervise the implementation of the highest standards of quality, to meet the requirements and expectations of the beneficiaries of the programs of the college and to measure their level of satisfaction. The work of the Agency also extends to contribute to the development of the skills of the staff of the College through the use of workshops and courses to develop skills and capabilities organized by the Agency for Development and Quality.


Because development and quality are collective work, this requires continuous cooperation by all faculty members. The Agency believes that faculty members and staff are partners in the success and excellence that the College seeks


Dr. Rakan bin Fahd Al-Radaan