academic affairs

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and peace and blessings be upon the envoy, mercy to the worlds, our master and prophet Muhammad and his family and companions, and then:


    The Academic Affairs Unit is considered as the driving force behind the educational process and the cadre for its rhythm. It is the foundation of the renaissance of the college and its starting point towards wider horizons to reach good outputs that provide qualified and trained cadres in Shari'a and systems disciplines to achieve the goals and objectives of the college.


    The Academic Affairs Committee is formed at its current session of  as follows:


 Dr. Ismail mohamad alshendidi as a president.


 Dr. Mohamad maneh aljohani as a member.


 Dr. Abdulhamed isaa goanmh as a member.


 Dr. Azizah  ali nada as a member.


Dr. fadua mohamad badui as a member


     In order to improve performance in order to contribute to the establishment of the academic environment of the college and the promotion of academic work in both parts of the college (students, students), the Academic Affairs Committee will perform the following tasks:


1. Develop student registration processes for academic classes and related academic movements such as deletion, addition, postponement and apology, in cooperation with the Deanship of Admission and Registration at the university, under the supervision of the faculty's vice president.


2 - Management of the final tests of the college and follow-up the introduction of final results in the university's electronic academic system in the light of the regulations and regulations, and work to improve them in accordance with the standards of quality assurance and academic accreditation, under the supervision of the College.


3. Preparing the study schedules, lecturing the lecturers, opening the required people, and setting up the final examination schedules and uploading them to the academic system of the university in cooperation with the scientific departments, the college's vice president, and the relevant departments of the university.


4 - Activating and applying academic guidance, distributing the students of the college to the academic guides in coordination with the unit of student activities and intellectual awareness faculty.


    With regard to its future vision, the Committee will always endeavor to prepare early for the final testing management before the test date, by preparing the control schedules, monitoring statements and models required for testing management. As well as preparing early to prepare and install the schedules of the next semester and manage the process of deletion and addition after the automatic registration of students by the Deanship of Admission and Registration, by processing the required forms to manage the process in a timely manner.


     The Unit is looking forward to play a bigger role in improving the educational process in the College in cooperation with the College Administration and the relevant academic departments. We ask Allaah to help, reconcile and repay, and our last prayer is that the Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds


Dr . ismail mohamad alshendidi