Speech of the Brigadier General

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds and peace and blessings be upon His Prophets and Messengers, our master Muhammad and his family and him. The world has witnessed during the last decade of the twentieth century and the decade of the century atheist Twenty-shift quality and quantity in the style of education from the traditional to the interactive mode of any student participation in the debate, was to use the Computer and Network Services Web (Internet) a significant contribution and active role in this shift of qualitative and quantitative And the Faculty of Science is one of the leading colleges in the Tabuk University initiated by the application of this technique by using smart classrooms to keep pace with scientific development of the objectives set by the college, which were represented in the implementation of development programs to raise the performance level of employees of the college faculty members, administrators, technicians and students in line and harmonized with : 1 - achieving a Total Quality Management College 2 - Providing training programs for faculty members, technicians and administrative 3 - adopt a plan of development strategy for the College 4 - to achieve and provide the appropriate environment for students at the stage of a Bachelor and a private preparatory year 5 - attention to the quality of output for compatibility with the market need for action 6 - activating and developing scientific research projects in the areas of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research in the College according to distinctive strategies and techniques of scientific research advertised 7 - Participation in the areas of international cooperation with prestigious international universities and the signing of cooperation agreements to achieve the mission and objectives of the university.