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تقدم منسوبو ومنسوبات كلية الصيدلة بجامعة تبوك وخصوصاً قسم علم الأدوية والسموم

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Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Tabuk organised an event concerning the pregnancy and Drug Safety



After the approval of King of Saudi Arabia, Chairman of the Council of Higher Education, God preserves them at its (seventy-first) session, held on 14/11/1433 H, under the guidance of the Quran No. 7385 and dated 26/2/1434 AH approved the establishing of faculty of Pharmacy at University of Tabuk


Lecture entitled "Dealing with psychological stress"

Lecture entitled "Dealing with psychological stress"

08. 10. 2018


Female Section, Faculty of Pharmacy, held a lecture entitled "Dealing with psychological stress"


On Tuesday, 19 September 2018, Faculty of Pharmacy held a seminar entitled "Dealing with Psychological Stress" at the Female section, University of Tabuk. It was given by the third year student Sahar Mohammed Hamdi. The lecture dealt with the definition of stress, stress and external and internal stressors. In addition to the skills that can be used to overcome the various stress with a focus on the pressures that concern the university study. She focused on the impact of psychological stress on health, especially the psychological side and the impact of thinking in the past positions on performance in the present and future, To touch on some positions of the Prophet's biography. The students participated in their various experiences in the face of psychological stresses and they admired the lecture and they expressed their benefited from it.

For her part, the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy Dr. Sharifa Zahrani expressed her thanks to the student Sahar Hamdi for this initiative, which contributes to the development of the skills of students, while building the interaction of the audience.