Strategic Planning Unit


1- Supervising the preparation, updating and development of the College's strategic plan.
2 - Prepare the report of the annual executive plan of the College and its suitability to the strategic plan of the University and follow-up periodically.
3. Ensure that the strategic and operational performance indicators are aligned with the University plan.
4 - Prepare performance measurement reports to measure what has been achieved from the plan.
5 - Prepare quarterly reports to follow up the implementation of projects approved by the Dean.
6 - Supervising the preparation of the assessment of operational budgets and ensure that they are directly linked to the objectives of the strategic plan of the University.
7. Conduct any work related to the activities of the Strategic Plan Committee in terms of strategic planning of the University.
8. Develop the executive plan for the strategic planning unit and submit it to the Deanship for approval and work on its implementation.
9. Coordinating with the units to develop the executive plan and submit it to the Deanship and approve it and work on its implementation.
10- Develop a strategic and development plan to improve the performance of the college in accordance with the requirements of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Accreditation and work to implement them.