About the Vice Dean

Dr. Abdulaziz Adel al-Daarmi

Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance assistant

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- 2018/So far vice dean of Business Administration

- 2016/2018 Quality agent and academic Accreditation College of Business Administration

- 2016/2018 head of Finance and Investment Section

- 2017 Chairman of the Graduate Committee-Finance and Investment Section 2017 Vice-Chairman of the Academic Accreditation Committee of the College

- 2016/2017 member of the Higher Committee to oversee the college's Advanced Enrollment Program

- 2016/2017 member of the Committee of Teaching staff (lecturer, assistant professor, associate professor), faculty

- 2016/2017 member of the Committee on Administrative functions of the University

- 2017 member of the Committee for the preparation of the second Strategic plan of the College 

Vice Dean's Message



Praise be to Allah, and there is no God but God, and peace be upon the illiterate prophet and his companions.

The vice deanship of the faculty welcomes its distinguished visitors.

This vice deanship is concerned with creating an environment suitable for our students. It is keen to provide all that contributes to the success of the educational process through the qualification of the generation armed with science depends on it in building our dear country according to Vision 2030. The vice deanship also pays special attention to faculty and staff members as one of the important pillars of the educational process by providing them with all the means of support required by students academically and administratively.

In conclusion, the vice deanship is keen to provide everything that serves the educational process, and the faculty will continue to fulfill its mission (providing outstanding educational programs, graduating qualified human cadres and conducting creative research to serve the community in the region, which will contribute to the development and realization of Vision 2030).

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Daarami

Assistant Professor of Economics and finance