وحدة البحث العلمي

The Research Unit


As part of the overall vision of the university, the research unit’s vision is to effectively and efficiently manage research sponsored and supervised by the English Language Center at Tabuk University. It also works on creating an environment that is conductive to research intellectual growth.


The research unit works on:

a. leading strategic planning for the research centre to ensure that the centre’s objectives are aligned with the university’s Strategic Plan objectives

b. managing the research plan effectively and efficiently, ensuring that accepted standards of research and ethical behavior are met;

c. promoting and facilitating leading-edge research, including collaborative and interdisciplinary research, in areas related to the goals of the ELC;

d. developing networks between the ELC and researchers in the field of TESOL and TEFL in the public and private sectors, locally, nationally and internationally;

e. acting as the nexus between the university and the community with respect to research initiatives of mutual benefit;

f. transferring knowledge to society through collaborative research, seminars, workshops, lectures, websites, and publications.

g. developing strong linkages with appropriate academic departments and units and adding value to the research.


a. Aiding faculty recruitment and retention by enriching the research environment.

b. Advancing curricula.

c. Informing the teaching of colleagues.

d. Providing interdisciplinary research training and mentoring for undergraduate and graduate students.

e. Regular communication of research centre activities and opportunities for faculty and students involvement.