eLearning Unit at the ELC


Unit Name: E-learning Unit

Brief overview of the unit

The eLearning Unit at the ELC aims at preparing students for their academic life at the university by providing them with the skills that they need for the future by establishing the concept of eLearning and eTests and preparing students to deal with the modern ways of study in the 21st century though using Learning Management Systems (LMS).


Responsibilities / duties

The eLearning Unit at the ELC provides its service to the following sectors:

  • The unit offers the language instructors all the technical support needed to facilitate the teaching process
  • It provides full time university students with a supportive eLearning content in order not to miss their lectures; they can also get remedial classes that cannot be scheduled during the day.


  • Transforming all the courses taught by the ELC into electronic courses.
  • Preparing video courses so students do not miss any of their classes using the concept of Asynchronous supportive eLearning.
  • Training students on using virtual classes and dealing with LMS such as Moodle and Oxford Learn, which offer the students more chance to practice the language through online activities.
  • Using eTests instead of traditional tests to reduce the amount of work and effort spent in preparing traditional tests.
  • Using all types of technological educational devices including laptops and tablets.
  • Coordinating with the university's IT to do periodic inspection to computer LABs to be used for conducting eTests and for the useful of online practice.