Currculum Unit


Unit Name: Curriculum Unit

Brief overview of the unit

As part of the team working in the English Language Center (ELC), the Curriculum Unit works to achieve the ELC’s goals through excellence in curriculum design and development. In doing so, the Curriculum Unit has forged the way ahead towards the design, development, and adoption of blended curriculum for all English language courses.

Responsibilities / Duties  

The ELC Curriculum Unit is a unit that has been tasked by the Director of the ELC Dr. Abdulrahman Alfahadi to develop the current English language curriculum given to first year students into a blended curriculum. The ELC is honored that this transformation, which has been planned to take place over three phases, enjoys the full support of the University President Prof. Abdullah Thiabi. The first phase of the plan is in progress this academic year of 2018/2019. The Curriculum Unit is also tasked with the review of any curriculum used by other ELC programs such as specially tailored community outreach language skills’ courses.


1. Design of English language curriculum in accordance to best instructional design practices.

2. Development of tailored English language curriculum that serves the needs of all university faculties in accordance with EFL/ESL best practices and the NCAAA standards.

3. Review and evaluation of current English language curriculum.

4. Achieving the ELC’s goals through cooperation and collaboration with other ELC units.

5. Partnering with national and international educational entities for the collaboration on, and the development of the English language course curriculums at University of Tabuk.