وحدة الشؤون الأكاديمية

Academic Affairs Unit


English Language Centre faculty should dedicate full attention to their students’ learning, without being concerned about external issues.


Support Preparatory Year English (PYE) teachers to ensure that their students achieve their course objectives and learning outcomes.


Up to academic year 2014/2015, PYE was taught on the single Preparatory Year Deanship campus. Now 70 male and 45 female PYE teachers are seconded to individual faculties or colleges. The large number of teachers, distributed amongst numerous faculty buildings throughout the university means that they need ongoing support and supervision.

Support and supervision of PYE teachers is provided by the AAU through a team of Coordinators, one at each Faculty, supervised from the English Language Centre (ELC).

Coordinators’ responsibilities include arranging to cover classes of absent teachers, help teachers with academic or student issues, ensure teachers follow prescribed course syllabus and teaching pacing schedule, establish relationships with host Faculty management (to help teachers’ work and access to resources), allocate academic tasks to teachers and disseminate ELC and host Faculty information.