About Faculty

The Council for Higher Education Issued its decision No. (13/44/1427) dated 21/10/1427 H concerning establishment of the Faculty of Engineering. The decision to establish the faculty came to keep up with the renaissance taking place in the Kingdom in many areas, as the engineering is the profession that employs science to serve the welfare of society as well as to keep pace with the progress in scientific and technological advancement in the twenty-first century. The faculty was established to address the needs of the engineering market at the national and regional levels. The faculty started with its activities and functions from the academic year 1429/1430 H, where 80 students have been accepted in the first year. This number of students is continuously increasing every year.

The period of study in the Faculty of Engineering five years divided into ten semesters (levels) of study. In addition, sixteen weeks summer training in companies and institutions under the supervision of faculty members.