dean message

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah. 
Dear all faculty members at the University of Tabuk , my sons and my daughters the students at the University: my warmest greetings.I am pleased to meet you through this window to congratulate all of you and congratulate myself and all my colleagues in the Deanship of  E-learning and Distance Education in Joining this great scientific edifice, our university, The University of Tabuk.
I take this opportunity to explain to you that we in theDeanship of E-learning and Distance Education are aware that our world is in the early stages of the third technical and technological Millennium and we at the University of Tabuk are an integral part of this world; so we have come to pledge ourselves to strive with all our strength to book for our university, The University of Tabuk, front seats in the technical and technology train; and our university has made great strides in the field of E-learning and Distance Education, where the deanship of  E-learning and Distance Education targets the distance education student (Distance Learner) and Electronic learning student (Regular student) and provides an integrated electronic learning environment that enables the faculty member and the student to diversify the sources of knowledge and get more information about the subject in a beautiful and interesting manner. This environment will be available for everyone, whether inside or outside the classroom; and your university, University of Tabuk, will not stop at this point, where we aim at the Deanship of  E-learning to involve all faculty members in the e-learning environment and provide an opportunity for all our students to take advantage of various e-learning systems in the university; and to make the transition from the traditional lectures to lectures that rely on e-learning a great deal; as well as the transition from paper tests to electronic tests.

God bless all.

Your brother

Dr. Mefleh Qublan B. Alqahtani