About The Department

Medical Laboratory Technology is an allied health profession specially employed with medical direction in the performance of clinical laboratory procedures in chemistry, genetics, hematology, parasitology, serology, microbiology, immunohematology, and body fluid analysis in order to develop data that may be used in the diagnosis of diseases and in evaluating the effectiveness of treatment.


Aim to qualify medical laboratory specialists with high international scientific and professional standards to meet the needs in the region


The department through the courses offered seeks to provide diagnostic applications and medical knowledge in the field of medical laboratory technology and through teaching and educating and graduating qualified nationals working to utilize all the gained knowledge in laboratory sciences theory and practical? and applied medical skills to serve the community to be the building blocks of a healthy society spread health awareness among members of the community.


  1. Enhance high quality academic environment in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology;
  2. Promote research activities to progress to higher levels of study;
  3. Raise the level of the department to a high level in order to get academic accreditation;
  4. To develop social and health awareness among students and faculty members to become responsible members of the society.

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Section Members

Dr. Nizar Hamed Eisa Saeedi

Supervisor of Medical Laboratory Technology Section

Fatina Samih K. Aboaldahab

Supervisor Assistant

Dr. Abdallah Ibrahim Saleh Ibrahim

Assistant Professor

Dr. Muhammad Tariq Muhammad Shafi

Assistant Professor

Alain Betwa Tallinn Tano


Jolina Pichara Tejada


Ms. Samar Rajeh Holou Al khasawneh


Razan Abdullah Al Shareef

Teaching Assistant

Razan Abdullah Al - Juhani

Teaching Assistant

Wejed Mohammed Al Ali

Teaching Assistant

Ekhlas Ahmad Al - Ruwaili

Teaching Assistant

Sarah Abdel Razzaq Noor Eldeen

Teaching Assistant