Deanship of Students' Affairs at University of Tabuk try to provide an optimal university environment which concerned with its students through adoption of talent,capacity development and to encourage orientation and care of the energy, beside investment of thought.

All that lead us to the promising future,bright villain,hopefull ambitious, and unexpected success when it has agreed aspirations towards achieving the desired objectives.

In fact, the academic situation which we live now tells the living embodiment of the comphrensive rise which our beloved country lives now in various fields and at different levels - including educational and scientific fields -.

everybody touches the academic movement toward a competitive, productivity, and a positive expanding by quantity and quality to blessed aspirant and unlimited ambition.

From this point, Deanship of Students' Affairs at University of Tabuk keen to submit various programs, and scientific,technical, and training activities that satistied preferences and saturated with wishes beside aspirations and achievements of the initiative to participate. The end result is for you - a university student- you're the owners of attention and care.

And now the subject of the call through launch of a spirit of partnership and create a space for healthy competition with your colleagues in the university and other universities too.  Dear student,  you have extended hands that laughed to you potential, plans, and programs. So ,you represent yourself and your talent by your acts and you unleash your ability to gain a benefits to yourself and to your home country because you're a power of the future and hope of tomorrow.

Mind you, agenda of growth and development at University of Tabuk has just started. From the reality of our various miscellaneous tasks, our demanding is active participation in advancement and progress of our university, our country, and our nation, we should create a place for us to impose our respect for ourselves and for others.

May God help us all to love and is pleased