About Deanship

Many educational institutions aspiring to progress and progress are paying close attention to continuous development and the quality of all their operations and outputs. They seek to ensure that their operations are carried out in accordance with a strategic plan, with set objectives supporting their institutional vision and mission. Planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation for improvement are becoming increasingly important in all educational institutions. In line with this, the Deanship of Development and Quality was approved on 26/4/1431 AH in accordance with the decision of the Higher Education Council No. (25/59/1431).

Pursuant to Administrative Decision No. 72/11/31 / S dated 5/2/1431 AH on the delegation of powers and specializations at the University, the Rector has linked this Deanship with the Vice Rector for Development and Quality. Administrative Decision of the Rector No. (20/11/32 / s) dated 8/1/1432 AH, entrusts the Dean of Development and Quality - or his delegate - with a set of powers and competencies that flow into the development and quality of the university, both academically and administratively. Accordingly, three Vice Deans have been assigned to the Dean and a group of Deanship units to carry out the various tasks assigned to the Deanship.