About Deanship

Deanship of Library Affairs at the University of Tabuk had established in 1429 ,on the belief in the role of university libraries in supporting the educational process and research and development of culture and knowledge and their role in serving the community surrounding the university, especially after they  became One of the basic criteria through which we evaluate of universities and their recognition in the world , since they occupy a basic center of the message of the universities , The library is the heart of the University, and the major  source  of academic  interaction between the parties of  educational process in university (students and faculty members) , The more elevated contents of university libraries and services whenever they more effective in serving the academic community.
Use of the latest developments and technologies, standards and protocols for the construction, administration and management of university libraries of the most important considerations laid down by the Deanship of Library Affairs in the account during the planning for the construction of all branches of the University Libraries of Tabuk, and that from the beginning of planning for the construction and purchase of furniture, equipment and even the development of networks, systems and technical services, information and acquire the latest types and forms of various information that is provided to the beneficiaries in an easy and simplified  method by qualified manpower and scientifically and artistically and technically in the field of libraries and information.