Vision & Mission & Values & Goals



 A distinguished university environment with integrated technological solutions.







  To provide high-quality and integrated technological solutions for the university community.




In addition to Islamic values, other values include:

  • Continuing Education
  • Teamwork
  • Quality and Distinction





Strategic Goals, Initiatives,and Performance Indicators:


Strategic Goals

Suggested Initiatives

Performance Indicators

1-To improve the quality of electronic services provided to beneficiaries


Ccontinuing the transference of University services to electronic services

The percentage of electronic services


Activating the mechanism of feedback and beneficiaries' opinions about the services provided by the Deanship

The percentage of provided electronic services that include the beneficiaries'' feedback mechanism


Conducting workshops to increase the awareness about the Deanship services

The percentage of conducted workshops to increase awareness about the Deanship services


Enhancing the role of Deanship in serving the educational process

The percentage of implemented and updated  services that serve the educational process


Developing programs and systems

The percentage of updated services and programs

2-To diversify funding resources and improve financial efficiency   


Utilizing the database infrastructure to increase the Deanship financial revenues

The current financial revenue


Utilizing the Deanship expertise in the technological consultancy and technical support

The number of consultations

3-To improve internal governance procedures


Developing the internal policies and procedures of the Deanship departments and administrations 

The percentage of completed policies and procedures

Benefiting from the expertise of other distinguished bodies in the internal policies and procedures governance

The percentage of referenced comparisons with other bodies 

4-To assure internal quality


Activating the  quality management at the Deanship

The percentage of completing the activation of administration, structure, policies,and procedures at the Deanship


Training and qualifying the affiliates of the Deanship of Information Technology

The number of training courses offered to each employee

5-To develop a system to manage information security


Building and implementing Information Security Management System ISMS at the Deanship of Information Technology

The percentage of completing the standards of gaining ISO 27001 accreditation on the level of information technology

6-To develop the technical infrastructure


Increasing the effectiveness of infrastructure services performance and coverage

  1. The percentage of network coverage of University buildings
  2. The percentage of virtual servers
  3. The percentage of updated devices



Establishing a disaster recovery centre

The percentage of centre completion