About Deanship

The tremendous progress achieved in the field of electronic services in the world and the rapidly evolving information technology sector, is the most important factor assisting in the development of the educational process and scientific research. It is the leading indicator of the progress of the educational institutions at the university level and their ability to achieve their objectives. In recent years, Saudi universities occupied a prominent place in information technology by incorporating the elements of that technology in their curricula as well as rehabilitating the national cadres in various fields of electronics in order to cope with the successive global advancements in the areas of technology. The University of Tabuk as part of the system of higher education in the Kingdom is keen to occupy a prominent place among universities. To achieve excellence in teaching and research in the fields of science it was necessary to provide IT services for the development of its faculty staff members, administrators, technicians and students in the computer field, therefore allowing them access to the latest information and scientific research, and communication through electronic services. As a result the university administration deemed it necessary to create the (IT) Unit which oversees all business and information and electronic services that will be offered to employees of the university, hence, The Unit was established by a decision of his Excellency Chancellor No.(3/-/428) date ( 1 / 121428). It aims at providing technical electronic service for all of the various sectors and staff members of the University. Moreover, the Unit aims to support the University through academic and administrative goals. The Unit includes the following sections:

  .Developing and Systems Engineering Department
  .Network Department
  .Operation and Maintenance Department
  .Internet Department
  .Information and Statistics Department
  .Databases Department