Vision and Mission


Provide distinctive services in the field of continuing education, training and rehabilitation at local and regional level.


The Community Service and Continuing Education Deanship gives meticulous attention to the educational environment in which it operates, and offers an effective advisory service compatible with the socio-economic needs of the region.


  • To provide programs in the field of  continuing education , training and advisory services (Diplomas, Training Program and Educational Programmers to  cater for the community's needs.)
  • To provide scientific advisory service to the corporations and local  community agencies.
  • To spread culture, knowledge and technical know-how to the grass roots of the population
  • To establish a partnership between the segment of the population and cater for the wider needs of the community.
  • To establish links with other universities, academic institutions and training centers to coordinate training activities with them in order to better serve the interests of the region.