الدبلوم العام في التربية


first year


First Semester
Credit. Hrs Code Course Name
2 DTEDU601 Measurement And Evaluation In Education
2 DTEDU602 Principles Of Educational Research
3 DTEDU603 Origins Of Islamic Education
3 DTEDU604 The Psychology Of Childhood And Adolescence
2 DTEDU605 Introduction To Teaching
2 DCSC606 Computer And Its Uses
3 DTEDU607 School Administration And Educational Supervision
2 DTEDU608 Curricula And Teaching Methods
2 DTEDU609 Education And Communication Technology
Second Semester
Credit. Hrs Code Course Name
3 DTEDU610 Educational Psychology
2 DTEDU611 Special Methods Of Teaching
1 DTEDU612 Production And Use Of Teaching Aids
2 DTEDU613 Principles Of Teaching Individuals With Exceptionalities
2 DTEDU614 Education System In KSA
2 DTEDU615 The Basis Of Psychological Guidance And Counseling
5 DTEDU608 Disciplines In The Field Of Education