Dr. Abdulqader Al Homairi

vice president of branches

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful, and may peace be upon his honest prophet, It is with renewed hope and excitement that the Vice Presidency of Tabuk University Branches looks forward to a bright future of excellence for the University colleges of Alwajh, Umluj, Dhiba, Haqel and Tayma, in light of the tremendous progress made thus far. These various branches, woven together under the banner of Tabuk University, collectively form a rich tapestry of the vast progress and prosperity that the University has achieved, and continues to achieve, throughout the realms of knowledge and education. This web portal represents such a unified interface. The Branches derive their vision and mission from the University of Tabuk in accordance with the guiding principles of higher education in Saudi Arabia; hence, they spare no effort as they work diligently to achieve their constituents' aspirations and contribute meaningfully in service of our religion and nation. Our country of Saudi Arabia has twenty-five public universities and many private universities throughout the Kingdom. It is therefore imperative that university leaders keep pace with the great strides made by the King in terms of outreach and development, and respond to his repeated, urgent calls for quality education by actively facilitating its dissemination. With guidance from his highness the University President, this Vice Presidency is keen on further improving its performance and working persistently to realize the aspirations shared by our country’s wise leadership and academic administrators to keep pace with the world’s most prestigious universities. In the Vice Presidency of the Branches, not only do we feel a strong need to provide students with the personalized attention, support, and guidance they need to succeed, but also a firm commitment to community service. Therefore, community engagement and outreach is one of our core priorities and functions, and cultivating this partnership with the community forms a critical part of the University’s mission. University education throughout the world today focuses largely on the theme of development, which simultaneously encompasses qualities of growth, awareness and leadership. Consequently, the University of Tabuk and its branches are keen on working closely with prominent universities worldwide by sharing research, academic expertise, and students (through student exchange programs). The aspirations of the University do not stop at any one level of leadership and excellence. Their continued expansion must be sustained by making use of scientific, technological, and collaborative research opportunities in accordance with the higher education policies of Saudi Arabia. The Vice Presidency plays a pivotal role in these aspirations, and all its constituents have reaped the fruits of our combined efforts, which will continue undiminished in support of higher education and the improvement of society as a whole. We ask Allah to help us and guide us in our unremitting endeavors to position the Branches among the brightest facets of the University of Tabuk. May Allah grant us success.


عقد سعادة الدكتور ضيف الله بن غضيان حمرون وكيل جامعة تبوك للفروع الاجتماع الدوري الثالث مع عمداء الكليات الجامعية بالمحافظات