Standing Committee for Scholarships and Training

The "Standing Committee for Scholarships and Training" was founded with the establishment of the university. This committee examines the subjects received from the administration of the university in addition to the functions, specialties and responsibilities outlined in article (3) of the law of scholarships and training for the employees of universities according to the regulations of the Higher Education Council and Universities which stipulates that: the committee of scholarships and training examines the issues pertaining to scholarships and training specially in the following:

 1- Suggesting the general policy for scholarships and training.

 2- Suggesting the annual plan for scholarships and university employee training after coordinating with relevant authorities in the university.

 3- Looking into the recommendations of the council of faculties and institutes and what is in their condition in sending teaching assistants and lecturers on scholarships, coordinating among themselves and recommending what is suitable according to the annual plan for scholarships, taking the following into consideration:

 a- The number of Saudi faculty members and their percentage to the overall number of faculty members in each department, their specific specialties, and their teaching loads.

b- The number of lecturers and teaching assistants in each department.

c- The number of scholars in each department, their expected date of return and their specific specialties.

 4- Recommending scholarships for the university employees of the administrative staff, technicians and others according to the university plan.

 5- Recommending the extension or termination of a scholarship or training following a suggestion by the Council of Faculties and Institutes and relevant university authorities.

 6- Recommending the training of university employees.

 7- Following-up on the situation of scholars and trainees in coordination with scientific departments or the administrations that they follow, and submitting a report about the struggling teaching assistants on scholarships to the University Council after the first midterm.

 8- Preparing a detailed annual report about the situation of scholarships and training on the level of faculties, departments and administrations and submitting it to the University Council.

Currently, the Standing Committee is composed of the following members:


Vice Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research


Vice Rector


Vice Rector for Quality and Development


Dean of Graduate Studies


Dean of Personnel Affairs


Vice Dean of the Faculty of Science     


Vice Dean of the Faculty of Education for Graduate Students and Scientific Research


Vice Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology


Dr. Abdullah Bin Hammad Uqla Al-Taymani


Scholarship Administrator


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