Staff of the Faculty, and members of the Finance and Investment Department congratulate the Dear colleague Dr. Abdulaziz bin Adel al-Daarami for the trust of His Excellency the Rector of the university in assigning him as Vice Dean for the Faculty of Business Administration.

Congratulations also extend to Prof. Ahmed Arif Assaf for his appointment as Chairman of the Finance and Investment Department, and to Dr. Fayza Al-Mahgoub to renew her assignment as a Supervisor of the Department of Finance and investment in the female section, wishing them all prosperity and success.



IT Lab

The computer lab has a capacity of 25 users, the laboratory is equipped with the latest hardware and software and is used to teach many of the courses of the finance & investment department such as financial applications using the computer and analysis of financial statements. The purpose of using the lab is to link the practical issues applied in the financial field using the computer where the student is taught how to extract the time value of money using the Excel software as well as how to determine the financing needs of the facilities and how to use the computer in the application of evaluation criteria Economic projects. Students are also trained to use statistical programs that are used in financial aspects, and use computer applications to calculate financial indicators for investment, finance and loans.

Academic Plan

A bachelor's degree in the Finance & Investment specialization from the Faculty of Business Administration is awarded to those who receive a cumulative rate of at least 2.0 out of 5, after passing the number (133) Credit hours successfully distributed as follows: * University requirements 20 hours, * Requirements of literary and administrative faculties 17 hours, * 30-hour College requirements, * Mandatory requirements of 45 hours specialization, * Optional requirements from within 6 hours specialty, * Optional requirements outside 9 hours specialization * 6 hours free hours, Total 133 credit hours.



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